There was a time when every proper lady and sophisticated gentlemen kept a copy of Emily Post's Etiquette by their bedside: there was a standard for manners in public and it mattered. In these wild and wooly days of the Internet, social media platforms are invented and discarded before we can even decide on the proper rules of decorum for the site. What is the right number of hashtags in a tweet? How many times can you post variations of the same meme before it becomes too annoying? What meals are appropriate Instagram material? These are the questions that we wish we had an answer for.

We haven't yet been offered a commission to draft an entire guide to Internet Etiquette (What up Random House?), but we have a few modest suggestions to get the conversation started. Grab those iPhones and Androids and open up your preferred note taking App (just make sure that "keyboard click" sound is turned off; that's just bad manners) because we are about to drop some decorum on your boorish ass. This is A Modest Proposal: 25 New Rules of Tech Etiquette.