Kickstarter success stories are nothing new, but Pirate3D's story was no ordinary feat. The Singaporean startup surpassed their goal of $100,000 14 times over. The final tally was: $1,438,765. The company's aim was simple: to bring affordable 3D printers into every home. As Victoria Ho reports for Tech Crunch:

The printer is pitched as a consumer device, and Pirate3D makes a library of objects available through a drag-and-drop Web-based GUI (graphical user interface), for people unfamiliar with CAD (computer aided design) software to customize objects ... Over 3,000 machines have been ordered through Kickstarter, and Pirate3D is working with manufacturers in Singapore to get mass production going.

The printer, which is dubbed The Buccaneer, will retail for $347 and allows cloud wi-fi printing as well. For more, check out Pirate3D's Kickstarter here.

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[via TechCrunch]