Bad mouth sororities all your want, but they have taught us a number of valuable lessons. Without them we wouldn't know how easily vodka can be snuck into a sporting event in a water bottle, we would have no concept of humanity's true capacity for cruelty, and we would never have known the full power of the "arm on hip pose." The beloved "triangle of power" allows for a person to a) be photographed from their best side, b) arch their back to make their chest look more ample and c) use their hand to gauge exactly how much their gut is sticking out. Humanity has an amazing ability to create the perfect tools for a moment in history, as was the case with the printing press and the cotton gin. The arm-on-hip pose is the perfect creation for the Internet age, allowing you to maximize the attractiveness of your Facebook picture with minimum effort. Just do your best not to make a duck-face as you are executing this pose. We are on record as saying that it is not cute.