Platform: Gamecube, PC

Publisher: Simon & Schuster, TDK Mediactive, Oxygen Games

At first glance it's kind of hard to tell that Darkened Skye is an advergame at all. A medieval fantasy adventure, the game puts players in control of Skye, a mage on a quest to find her missing mother. The thing about her magic powers though, they're all powered by Skittles.

While the most damage Skittles are likely to do in the real world is maybe causing a stomach ache from eating too many, Skye uses them to kill attacking vampires and goblins. The game's combat is mostly competent, but like most action-adventure titles of the late 90's and early 2000's, it features way too many platforming sections to be called anything other than frustrating. Still, it carries a level of production that most advergames simply don't have.