The wealthy have been installing professional home theater systems in their homes for years. It's nothing new. High-resolution projectors and gigantic TVs have even helped regular folk get the movie theater experience in their crib. IMAX now has something that dwarfs all of that. 

The company best-known for its immersive viewing experience and overpriced tickets has announced plans to build private home theaters for those with enough cash to buy an actual movie theater. Details are scarce. There's no word on how much it will actually cost, or how many will be made. 

What we do know is that IMAX will handle the installation of the theater completely. The company says it will design every aspect of the theater and work directly with "your architects, developers, interior designers, and custom installers to ensure everything is built to IMAX’s exacting performance standards while catering to your specific design preferences." 

You're not the ideal customer if you don't have any of those. Sorry.

To make sure each private theater runs properly, IMAX's Commercial Service Center will maintain, tune, and monitor the system day and night and claims to be able to respond within five minutes if anything goes wrong. 

That's the least IMAX could do considering these will likely cost a cool million or three. 

[via Tech Spot]