Director: Allan Arkush
Stars: Chevy Chase, Jackie Mason, Robert Stack, Dyan Cannon, Jonathan Silverman, Randy Quaid

Within circles of comedy junkies, a mere mention of Caddyshack II is enough to make someone want to drive a golf club into the side of the speaker's head. Following up a heralded and hilarious classic can't be easy, but there needs to be at least some effort; yet, with this asinine sequel, returning co-writer Harold Ramis rapes his original script for everything it's worth, without having any of the key stars (Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray) there to save his ass. Well, Chevy Chase comes back for a minor appearance, but he might as well have stayed home.

Though nothing about Caddyshack II works, the flick's most grating performer is hands down Dan Aykroyd, who's on board to essentially do a lesser version of Murray's manic, gopher-hunting lunatic character. It's an overdone performance that, much like Caddyshack II as a whole, is not only uninspired, it's also unbearable.