Here's an interesting revelation: the NYPD has performed less than half as many stop-and-frisks during the first quarter of 2013 as they did last year, and violent crimes such as shootings and murders have also dropped by 24 and 40 percent. The boys in blue performed 99,788 stop-and-frisks between New Year's Day and Mar. 31, a stunning drop compared to 2012's 203,500 in the same time frame.

According to spokesman Paul Browne, the decline isn't because a kinder, gentler and more rational NYPD has seen the error of its ways. "Staffing and other factors, including training, have had a bearing on the number of stops. But the bottom line is that the total number of stops in any given quarter reflects what the police officers on duty during that quarter observed," Browne told the Wall Street Journal

However, the information, which was provided to the Wall Street Journal by City Council, also revealed that overall crime had jumped by 2.7 percent as of Apr. 28. Still, there's an almost positive, as murders were down 30 percent—the largest drop since 2012. 

Cheers to crime in the city beginning to decrease, and the NYPD being less frisky. Let's pray the trend continues into the summer.

[via Gothamist and Wall Street Journal]

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