Destination: Argentina
Who you should bring with you: Someone with an adventurous palette. You won't be able to finish that cow brain alone.
What to pack: Pack a small pharmacy of digestive aids and Pepto Bismol. Your GI tract will be busy.

Vegetarians may want to sit this foodie trip out as the Argentines are known for having some of the best beef on the planet. When cooked over a parilla, the grass fed cattle will taste better than any beef you've ever had on American soil. Argentine cuisine is a fusion of Mediterranean and traditional South American foods, which means you get to take trips to different countries just by sampling different plates. After all of the carne de vaca y carne de cordero, your sweet tooth will start kicking in. This won't be a problem in Argentina—indulge in all of the dulce de leche you can before boarding the plane back home. Don't forget to bring some back in your luggage.