Destination: India
Who you should bring with you: A friend who has no problems doing the water runs. It's hot and you don't want to die of heat stroke, but you're not losing your place in the Taj Mahal line.
What to pack: Toilet paper. The food is good, but your stomach may not agree.

The seventh largest country and home to one of the wonders of the world, India is the perfect destination for a culture-phile. The cultural landscape of India is everything but homogeneous and a trip to this country this rich in history will satiate any traveler's appetite for cultural exploration. Travel to India to gain insight on Dharmic religions and celebrate with the people during Diwali and Guru Nanak Jayanti. Journey from region to region, hear the over 400 different languages spoken and watch as the cultural traditions vary between communities. If you're equal parts adventurer, foodie, and history buff, a vacation to India will surpass your expectations.