Firefighters in China's Jinhua, Zhejiang province miraculously rescued a two-day-old boy from a sewer pipe after he was flushed down the toilet by his parents. Over the weekend, the boy was discovered in an L-shaped pipe after neighbors in the apartment building heard crying. When rescuers found the boy, his placenta was still attached. The little boy was taken to a local hospital where he's in stable condition.

Even though there have been offers to adopt the boydubbed Baby No. 59a doctor says he will turned over to social services if his parents do not claim him. That's the saddest bit of this entire story. The boy's 22-year-old mother says she delivered the 6-pound baby in the bathroom alone because the father refused to help out and she wasn't able to afford an abortion.

A police officer says she tried (unsuccessfully) to dig the baby out with a stick and flushed the toilet to clear out the blood. She will not be charged with a crime.

[via NY Daily News]