Earlier this week, Steven Soderbergh delivered a fiery sermon about the lousy state of Hollywood. He talked in hard numbers, money spent on film budgets and advertising, and how difficult it is to get an indie made.

Before Soderbergh's jeremiad, Michael Bay sat down with the Daily Beast to talk about his career and his new movie, Pain & Gain. It came to light that $75,000 was spent on sex toys for the film. Jaws hit the floor faster than a well-lubed dildo slipping from a tight grip.

Upon learning of this, David Ehrlich, a senior editor at Film.com, sent out the following tweet:

Let that sink in. Wait for it. Pain behind your temples, right? And now you're feeling like:

Granted, Carruth's debut, Primer, was made for a ridiculously little amount—$7,000—and he did spend more to make his shinier, pig-friendly follow-up, Upstream Color. But damn. Michael Bay is out here buying rubber vaginas like it's nothing, while Carruth is scraping together sofa change to realize his vision. The man has no health insurance. Bay has multiple cock extenders, if he needs them.

Or, he did. Apparently the sex toys have been stolen.

That's karma.