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Marissa Mayer Announces Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr with a GIF, Mayer delivers the biggest news to come from Yahoo in a long time with its 1.1B purchase of the microblogging site. Mayer said she promises not to screw things up. (5/20)

Internet Week in NYC Kicks Off Today, This year's content will be "dedicated to areas such as tech’s impact on fashion & beauty, food, and music, in addition to our mainstay focus on advertising, media, and marketing," a statement on the site read. (5/20)

LG to Demo Bendable and Unbreakable Smartphone Screen, If the rumors are true, LG is in the process of testing a brand new technology that could change the way wethink of, and use, smartphones. (5/21)

Stop by this Dubai Hotel for a Gold-Plated iPad with your Room, You think your gadgets are cool? They’re probably not as cool as this baller iPad. (5/21)

Apple Worth $185 Billion as World’s Most Valuable Brand, We’re sure you knew Apple was worth a lot of money, but did you know exactly how much? (5/22)

Teen Develops Super-Capacitor to Charge Gadgets in 20 Seconds, This teen may have revolutionized the way we store energy. What have you done today? (5/23)

Xbox One and the Death of the Game Console, Microsoft's claim that Xbox One will change the way we view our televisions is strange since every demonstration was centered around accessing old and familiar kinds of content: movies, basketball, and a spot of Call of Duty. (5/23) 

Is Twitter #Music a Fail?One month after Twitter #music's launch, the microblogging platform's take on a music streaming app, its numbers are abysmal. How bad exactly? While Spotify and Pandora hold the reigns in the top two spots for free iOS music apps, Twitter #music comes in at 113 on the list. (5/23)

iOS Redesign Expected to be Unveiled in 2 Weeks, New widgets are also expected to be introduced, in addition to the Notification Center and lock screen getting a facelift. The redesign is rumored to be unveiled at WWDC on June 10, where Apple CEO Tim Cook will give the keynote speech. (5/24)