Director: George Lucas
Stars: Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasance, Sid Haig, Don Pedro Colley, Marshall Efron

With all of the permanent residue stuck on pop culture thanks to his Star Wars, it's easy to forget that George Lucas has actually made some movies without any characters named Skywalker. His most overlooked non-Star Wars flick is THX 1138, an eye-grabbing feature film debut that Michael Bay blatantly ripped off in his 2005 slog The Island.

A young Robert Duvall plays a factory worker, named THX 1138, living in a society in which emotion-blocking drugs are mandatory and android fuzz constantly patrol the streets. After feeling sexual attraction for the first time, a big no-no to higher-ups who've worked so hard to suppress such feelings, THX goes H.A.M. while on the lam.

While nowhere near as fun as his Star Wars flicks, THX 1138 works on a visionary level, presenting a faux reality that's mapped out well and seeped in science fiction appreciation.