Director: Alex Proyas
Stars: Rufus Sewell, Keifer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt

For such an emotionally cold movie, Dark City certainly looks hot. More of a visual phantasmagoria than a cohesive story, Alex Proyas' eerie dystopian potboiler dazzles with images that bounce around in your head, where there's plenty of room to spare since connecting to the script and characters feels secondary. Most haunting of all are the ghoulish-looking thugs who can stop time; with bald white heads and long black coats, they're a physical cross between Lord Voldemoort and Nosferatu.

At its heart, Dark City is a noir in the vein of L.A. Confidential, though only in narrative approach. Rufus Sewell plays a guy who wakes up and learns he's wanted for murder, which prompts him to go on the lam in a sun-free city where citizens go comatose at midnight, which is when the aforementioned thugs stick hypodermic needles into the human vegetables, draw out liquefied memories, and inject them into others.

When it's really cooking, Dark City is expressionistic horror disguised as nightmarish sci-fi. Proyas isn't the best at telling stories (further evidenced in his 2009 clusterfuck Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage), but, at as far as this one-of-a-kind freakshow is concerned, he's unfuckwitable in the eye-candy department.