City: Washington, D.C.
Address: 1115A U Street NW
Capacity: 500
Coolest Feature: The sound systemyou can hear it crystal clear a few doors down

In 2010, D.C.'s historic U Street corridoor became home to the cities premier dance party venue, as well as a pretty damn good place to catch a live show. Much of this is because of a remarkable sound system that will have your rib cage rattling even as you're buying some much-needed water at the 7-Eleven next door. It's also because the venue was created by DJs who are aware of the dynamics needed to enjoy the perfect performance. After the descending the steps, you enter a Batcave where the dance floor is encased by two full-bars. The stage is at the front; the spacious DJ booth (which might as well be another stage) is at the back. It's also the house that Moombahton built, as DJ and D.C.-area native Dave Nada created the musical sub-genre in The District. The blend of reggaeton and house pumps proudly through those speakers on a weekly basis.