City: Los Angeles
Address: 8430 Sunset Boulevard
Capacity: 1,000
Coolest Feature: Tin from the gin mill where Robery Johnson allegedly sold his soul to the devil

In its 19 years on the Sunset Strip, the House of Blues Los Angeles has been critical in defining West Hollywood's identity. Don't let the appearance fool you; it may resemble a large shack, but it's home to some of the most impressive architecture and art you'll witness at a live music venue. The building is coated with tin taken from a gin mill that sat just 500 feet from the Delta crossroads spot where blues singer Robert Johnson made his fabled deal with the devil, and retains a box of Delta mud that's kept under the stage as a homage to a supernatural commitment to music. On July 4, 1996, 2Pac delivered an iconic performance, stealing the show from headliner Snoop Dogg in one of his final live shows. The summer of '96 was a hot one for hip-hop, and 'Pac turned the temperature up to the max, spewing venom at his perceived adversaries. The passionate performance is now part of the building's legacy, no doubt fueled by the contents of that metal box underneath the stage.