Lyric: "I think big, get cash, make them blink fast."

Three fails in nine words. Not exactly a winning ratio, if you ask us:

  • "I think fast": The first annotation (image 1) is a sexist takedown of an artist whose business acumen is matched only by her ability on the mic. To say Nicki's physical attributions are to thank for the string of zeros in her bank account, the perfume she's launched, or her gig on American Idol is completely idiotic. Yes, Nicki Minaj looks like she walked off the set of a BET Uncut video, but she raps as well as your favorite rapper.
  • "get cash": The second annotation is just a picture of money (blank stare).
  • "make them blink fast": And the third—"Nicki is always blinking fast"—is about as clueless as the Stacey Dash's thoughts on Jay-Z and Beyonce's Cuban vacation.