That's right Metal Gear, you made it on to the list twice. As if forcing another escort mission on us wasn't bad enough, you went and merged all of the shittiest mission types into one go. Good for you. A timed, underwater, stealth, escort mission, or TUSEM, has rarely been seen after its debut in MGS2. Forcing you to literally piggyback the young Emma Emmerich through several underwater filled levels because she's hydro-phophobic.

Konami succeeded in creating one of the worst escort missions ever conceived. Really? She's scared of water?! Anything else? Oh, I have to spray bugs with a special coolant to scare them cause Emma's scared of bugs too? Makes perfect sense. If Emma is spotted she's classified as a 'possible hostile' and is sprayed with bullets while she weeps in the fetal position and you get to start that shit all over again. Konami, seeming to enjoy giving players the option to knock ladies out, gives you the option to man-punch her and drag her to the elevator. Grow some bigger lungs, Emma.