So you're a Jedi. You've got the midichlorians (lol), you graduated from the academy, mastered the force, constructed your own lightsaber, and are single handedly saving the universe. How hard should it be to get an R5 unit to open two doors for you? Next to impossible as it turns out.

This shit for brains droid suffers from a complete and total lack of self preservation; a common trait among escortees, and will do anything to get itself blown to pieces. The droid stops once before both doors and after that will not change direction, slow down, pause, or do anything that will stop its own extinction. The six snipers and trip laser mines are more than happy to oblige. As a Jedi you'll need to Force push/pull the R5 unit through the hall like you were jump-starting an old Chevy to properly finish the level. The R5 is guilty of being a soulless automaton that would love nothing more than to lure you into a George Foreman Grill of laser mines.