It's become a fact of life: Twitter has a bad habit of spoiling TV shows. Whether with Game of Thrones, Mad Men or Scandal, there is always a swarm of eager tweeters ready to divulge every plot twist. But fret not! 17-year-old high school student Jennie Lamere developed Twivo, a plug-in for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, that "blocks tweets if it detects keywords that may reveal important details about a show users may want to watch."

Lamere, a fan of Pretty Little Liars and Teen Mom, said she came up with the idea because her friends were constantly spoiling episodes.

"I was just getting kind of annoyed how on Tuesday, when a lot of my favorite shows were on, I could never go on Twitter because it was filled with spoilers," she said.

Twivo, which won "best in show" at the software developer competition TVnext Hack in Boston last month, will reportedly be available in the coming weeks.

[via Tech Now]