California teen, Eesha Khare, made recent strides in the advancement of energy storage technology. To be specific, she developed a super-capacitor that will likely be able to charge gadgets within a 20-30 second time frame.

“The super-capacitor I have developed uses a special nanostructure, which allows for a lot greater energy per unit volume,” Khare said.  She went on to explain that its life cycle is 10x that of a regular battery.

Khare, who is 18, showed the extent of her innovation by utilizing the super-capacitor to light a LED device after charging for only 20 seconds. “Just seeing that LED light was my signal that I know what I’m doing, and this is truly applicable to the real world," she said.

If Khare's super-capacitor is developed on a large scale, it could mean far less energy consumption than we currently use.

[via Mashable