Tel Aviv-based indie dev Spiky Snail have announced the sequel to their challenging arcade-physics game The Splatters will be released on Steam at the end of June for Windows, Mac and Linux, according to their website.

Like its Steam and XBLA-based predecessor Super Splatters revolves around the titular, blobby splatters, who perform showy daredevil stunts in order to detonate clusters of bombs scattered around arenas.

For the uninitiated, the gameplay is a little hard to describe – if you picture Tony Hawk starring a bunch of Evel Knievel-type living blobs, it sort of hits on the kinds of open-ended physics challenges you’ll face (Spiky Snail has also developed one of the most amazing physics engines I’ve ever seen, which certainly doesn't hurt).

Super Splatters could essentially be viewed as the director’s cut of the original Splatters, with new levels, modes of play and some gameplay tweaks, among other things. If it’s anything like The Splatters was, this is one you won’t want to miss.

Super Splatters will run you $10, although pre-ordering before the game’s release gets you $3 off. For now, check the trailer below.