If you overindulge, diet soda can have the same effect on your teeth as crack and meth. General Dentistry published a three-person case study in their March/April issue following the teeth of two drug addicts and a diet soda drinker.

The same amount of graphic destruction to the teeth was found. Dr. Mohammed Bassiouny, a professor at Temple University's Kornberg School of Dentistry, said "You look at it side-to-side with 'meth mouth' or 'coke mouth,' it is startling to see the intensity and extent of damage more or less the same." Damn straight.

The three participantsa 29-year-old meth addict; a woman in her 30s who drank two liters of diet soda daily for 3 to 5 years; a 51-year-old crack addictall came from similar socioeconomic backgrounds. Each also had access to fluoridated public water. 

The American Beverage Association called Bassiouny's assessment "irresponsible," but he defended it. After a long career in dentistry, he says he sad witnessed similar cases of erosion caused by soda. 

[via The Huffington Post]