A mid-week Craigslist post advertised a house billed as D.C.'s "SMALLEST TINIEST DINKIEST MOST RIDICULOUS ABSURD MINI-DEMI-PSEUDO-SILLYHOUSE" appeared. The house, located at 12th Street and Constitution Avenue NE, is a mere 252-square-feet. No, this is not a studio or basement apartment; it's a full house, or as full as a house that size can be. 

The home was the subject of a 2009 Washington Post article which noted that "the living room the size of a kitchen is also the bedroom." The owner purchased it for $245,000 and found someone willing to pay $1,000 a month for it, but now it's back on the market for $1,200 a month.

So, are you free-spirited (and crazy) enough to live in a space this small for that price? If so, good luck on that housewarming party.

[via Washington City Paper]