If you live in New York or you're an avid M.O.P. fan, you know how real Brownsville is. It's so real, in fact, that many postal workers are afraid to deliver mail there. “Have you seen this neighborhood? It’s on the news every day," a U.S. Postal Service employee candidly told the New York Post. The Post adds that any undelivered snail mail finds its way back to the post office and sits for days until a brave postal worker decides to deliver it or residents have to retrieve it.

As you can imagine, residents are pissed.

Yesterday, about 50 of them convened in front of the post office to protest the practice. They completely understand USPS employees fearing their safety, but say that's not an excuse for the inconvenience. “The postal workers have a right to fear for their life," said Quantanya White. She continued: “It doesn’t give them the right not to deliver the mail. Just because this place is bad, you’re not going to deliver the mail?"

White empathizes with the petrified workers, saying that even she feels unsafe in her neighborhood, but that shouldn't stop them from doing their jobs. What happened to the USPS motto? How about some hardcore mailmen?

[via NY Post]