The price of living and loving in the 21st century - sometimes, we have to make compromises for those we care for. Case-in-point: If you're watching a television show on Netflix with your partner, it's understood that both of you will wait to watch new episodes with your partner. Yes, sometimes it's hard to wait, but we've all got to be strong! This is what relationships are about! 

According to a new study from Netflix, about 12 percent of people admit to not doing this, and instead watching ahead when they're supposed to wait to watch with their partners. This is Netflix infidelity, and it's wrong.

The Cut - which coined the phrase "Netflix infidelity" back in March - explained:

Of those who cheated, 66 percent did so "at home by themselves on the main TV." A shocking 21 percent confessed to watching in bed while their significant other slept...Forty-one percent of cheaters refrained from revealing spoilers; 12 percent would rewatch and "fake it" in their reactions; 14 percent felt so guilty they confessed to cheating.

Seventy-seven percent of men ages 18 to 34 said they would cheat, whereas only 57 percent of women that age said they would. As for people actually in relationships (not all of the men and women were), 51 percent of committed adults said they had or would commit Netflix adultery, if the moment was right and Netflix was looking particularly foxy that night.

In an effort to save marriages all over the world - and bank on this great marketing opportunity, of course - Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos also released a statement about the study, along with a new ad, which can be viewed above. "Netflix continues to revolutionize entertainment by letting our members watch great content whenever and wherever they want, which seems to be leading to a cultural phenomenon of 'stream cheating,'" He said. "With that said, Netflix can’t be held responsible for any trust issues, lovers' spats, or marital troubles that arise from watching ahead of your partner. We also will not cover any therapy sessions. As always, we advise to Watch Responsibly."

It probably won't be long before we start seeing divorce papers with the "reason for dissolution of marriage" marked as "He watched the fourth season of Arrested Development without me!"

[via The Cut]