First appearance: “Treehouse of Horror IV” (Season 5, Episode 5)
Notable appearance: “Lisa on Ice” (Season 6, Episode 8)
Voiced by: Russi Taylor 

Of all the notable school chums of the Simpson kids at Springfield Elementary, few come close to matching the brilliance of the rotund German exchange student Üter Zörker. Heavily inspired by Augustus Gloop, of Willy Wonka fame, Üter is a chocolate-filled butterball who's been a part of numerous classic moments since his debut in “Treehouse of Horror IV.”

How can you stay quiet at the sight of a bosomy Üter getting chased through a locker room by a towel-snapping Homer? Or the time he was killed by Lunch Lady Dorris and Principal Skinner and turned into Üterbraten? Every line out of his mouth is a gem, and though we understand the fascination everyone has with Milhouse and Ralph, it’s about time Üter gets the respect he deserves.