Director: Marc Forster
Stars: Brad Pitt, Mirielle Enos, James Badge Dale, David Morse, Matthew Fox, Eric West, Elyes Gabel, Abigail Hargrove
Release Date: June 21

Book lovers who've read Max Brooks’ engrossing 2006 novel World War Z are well aware of the kind of epic live action entertainment it could yield if given the right, expansive treatment.

Written as an exhaustive, multi-story oral history of an undead apocalypse, it's one of those grandiose, dense, and endlessly riveting books that demands a TV miniseries, at the least—how in George A. Romero’s name could anyone successfully condense it into a two-hour movie? Especially director Marc Forster, the guy responsible for the disappointing action flicks Quantum of Solace (2008) and Machine Gun Preacher (2011).

The answer, unfortunately, isn't one fans of the book were hoping for, at least based on World War Z's problematic trailer. The story seems to have been boiled down to one man's experience, a guy played by a seemingly out-of-place Brad Pitt. And those awful swarms of CG, fake-looking zombies? The folks who worked on I Am Legend's creature effects aren't even impressed.

Are we looking at 2013's biggest must-watch train wreck here? Probably, but a pleasant surprise would be emphatically welcomed.