Director: Sebastián Silva
Stars: Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffman, Agustin Silva, Jose Miguel Silva
Release Date: July 12

Where the hell has Michael Cera been since Scott Pilgrim vs. the World underperformed at the box office in summer 2010? We're not sure, but he's about to make the kind of comeback that should leave such questions ultimately obsolete. First, later this month, there's this Netflix return of a little show called Arrested Development that you may have heard about by now; come mid-June, though, Cera's ability to lead a movie should be proven possible or non-existent once and for all.

The source: Crystal Fairy, a lo-fi, oddball indie comedy that, fortunately for Cera, doesn't come with the same reported $85 million budget as Scott Pilgrim. Made for what Universal Pictures probably used to feed Scott Pilgrim's key grips, Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva's deadpan laugher depicts the misadventures of a mean-spirited American (Cera) vacationing in Chile, befriending a free-spirited female (Gaby Hoffman), and indulging a hallucinogen called the "San Pedro cactus." Yeah, this already sounds better than Year One.