Director: Peter Strickland
Stars: Toby Jones, Tonia Sotiropoulou, Susanna Cappellaro, Cosimo Fusco
Release Date: June 14

Old-school Italian giallo horror meets the deranged strangeness of David Lynch's movies? Hell yes. Especially if the combination in question stars the exceptional character actor Toby Jones and features a nutty plot that's steeped in movie-loving goodness.

Jones plays Gilderoy, an audio technician brought in to handle the sounds heard in a gruesome flick called The Equestrian Vortex. While having to watch the film over and over, with all of its blood-drenched scenes of murder and mayhem, Gilderoy slowly but surely begins to lose his mind, and, if the early, mostly positive reviews are to be trusted, Berberian Sound Studio wickedly flies off the rails during its third act, which is where the Lynchian vibes take over.