A listing for Mirror’s Edge 2 made a brief appearance on Amazon Germany on Friday, prompting speculation following Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One earlier in the week that this could be an as-of-yet unannounced next-gen title from DICE, or even a rumored exclusive for the new console.

The listing contained a placeholder image (which incidentally was mocked up as to look suspiciously like an Xbox One game case), and while it’s since been pulled from the amazon.de, page, you can check out a screencap thanks to AllGamesBulletin.

It’s been rumored through ex-DICE devs that Mirror’s Edge 2 has indeed been in development since at least last year – the amazon.de listing pegged the game as an Xbox 360 release, but that could just be a red herring.

While Mirror’s Edge 2 has yet to be officially acknowledged as a game that’s in development, this rumor could prove to be true come E3. More as this story develops.

Via VG24/7