In his ongoing quest to do everything possible in life, James Franco has signed on to yet another movie - this time, he will star in Wim Wenders' upcoming 3D film, Everything Will Be Fine. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor/director/singer/producer/writer/artist/student/probably some other stuff will portray a writer who "accidentally causes the death of a child in the story that follows him over the next 12 years as he looks for the footprints of the accident on his life, as well as on the life of the child’s mother." So, basically, get ready to shed some tears behind those 3D glasses.

This role is in addition the upcoming film adaptation of The Garden of Last Days, which he is set to star in and direct, the Gucci documentary he's making, his book of poetry, and his adaptation of American Tabloid, which he will also star in and direct. He's probably working on a ton of other stuff we can't keep track of as well, because that's just how he rolls. James Franco, do you even sleep?

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]