We reported last week how James Franco was seen reading Tom Bissell's excellent Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter.

Franco has been penning a column over at Vice and it turns out that Bissell is the focus of this week's A Few Impressions. Bissell has been brutally honest about his addiction to both drugs and video games. In Extra Lives he makes the apt comparison between the aimless, open ended wandering found in Grand Theft Auto IV and his descent in cocaine addiction. He posits that the two are more closely related than you would think.

Franco takes some time to discuss his own brush with video game addiction,

"I was a Nintendo Legend of Zelda fanatic. The later incarnations of Zelda—I think one was called Ocarina of Time—helped me through difficult times in high school, while also making me feel like a loser because I was spending hours playing a children's game when I could have been out socializing with the cool kids."

Franco sorts through what he thinks makes video games so attractive while using Bissell's work as a prism. It's rad and you can read the rest of the article right here.

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[via VICE]