It's that time of the year; a period when the end of finals for undergrads across the country is celebrated  with partying. They've certainly earned the right to celebrate. However, this past weekend, students at USC found themselves staring at as many as 80 LAPD officers following an end of the year party. The bulk of the party's attendees were black and Latino, prompting accusations of racial profiling. 

Officers arrived at 23rd and Hooverthis is the moment when every ScHoolboy Q song runs through your head—where the party was located, claiming that a noise complaint had been made about a graduating senior's gathering. Students claim they cooperated with authorities, but the Department of Public Safety alleges that students tossed assorted objects at them in retaliation. This prompted them to call for back up, and back up arrived—80 officers strong. Several students were detained in the ensuing melee.

Students say that minority parties on campus have been placed under a police microscope, as this is the second time in two months that police decked out in riot gear have responded to noise complaints at parties with mostly minority populations. 

In response, students have organized a protest from noon until 4 p.m. today located at Tommy Trojan. Tomorrow at 6 p.m., the DPS and LAPD will reportedly hold an forum at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism to allow students to air our their grievances.

[via LAist]

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