Whenever contentious siblings Cersei and Tyrion Lannister share quarters for a chat, the mood is usually condescending and unpleasant. In "The Climb," however, their one scene together is, for a change, mutually pathetic.

Realizing that Tywin's orders to have them marry against their wills is pretty much set in stone, Cersei and Tyrion trade woe-is-me lines with each other, "We're being shipped off to Hell together," says Cersei, to which Tyrion, unable to let an easy diss pass by unsaid, replies, "On a boat you built." He then calls her out for trying to have him killed during the Blackwater battle, something she doesn't flat-out admit to, but the unconvincing poker face with which she responds to his questioning says it all. The blame, he knows, goes mostly to Joffrey, since the young king hates Tyrion because he's "the only one who tells him what he is." As in, Joffrey's an idiot who opts to have Tyrion killed in public, in front of his other men, rather than, say, just poisoning him and ending the imp's life in a way that wouldn't make his actions so bloody obvious.

Not that berating Joffrey does much for Tyrion's situation. He still has to tell poor Sansa about what's going to happen, and he's forced to do so in front of her maiden, aka Tyrion's private lover, Shae. "This is going to be awkward," Tyrion declares before giving them the bad news. Yes, it's hard in King's Landing for a dwarf these days.