We've seen Daenerys handle herself capably. The girl can fight, negotiate, seduce, and even make some magic happen as needed. This week we found out that Dragon Mama can do nothing and still win. Things began for Dany the way they usually do these days: some macho jerk-off says crude things to her and we think to ourselves, "Damn dude, haven't you heard through the grapevine that you shouldn't say things like that?" This week's group of chauvinists marked for death are the leaders of the Second Sons, a group of badass mercenaries who split their time between killing people and slapping asses of slave girls without permission.

Here we are expecting ol' girl to release some dragons or send some Unsullied in there to get sullied. Instead, mi lady takes a bath. It turns out that a bath in the world's smallest tub is actually the right move (Seriously, the Mother of Dragons can't afford a bigger tub? It looks like it was left over from the hardware store on Deadwood). Daario Naharis, with the looks of a young Fabio and the gender politics of a Woman's Studies major, falls hard for Daenerys. He falls so hard that he beheads two of his cohorts and sneaks in to tell Daenerys while she's bathing.

Daenerys gives him a peek of some full-frontal and it looks like we might have a warrior to fill Khal Drogo's sizable equestrian loafers. The lady gets a crown and doesn't even have to do a damn thing to earn it.