Getting a tattoo of your employer might be the ultimate company man move, but would you do it if your employer promises a hefty raise? New York real estate company Rapid Realty will give every single one of its 800 employees a 15 percent raise if they tat the company logo somewhere on their body. Rapid Realty boss Anthony Lolli came up with the plan after one of his workers called him and told him he was getting a company tattoo. That guy probably doesn't feel to special anymore.

Lolli was impressed and decided to reward employees for their loyalty. All they have to do is get a tattoo of any size anywhere on their body and they receive a 15 percent wage increase. No pain, no gain. According to Lolli, 40 people have already jumped at the opportunity.

Some of that extra money can be used to get the tattoo covered up when they find new jobs.

[via Gawker]