As long as Clint leaves the empty chair at home, we're cool with what he's doing both in front of the camera and behind it. A staple of Hollywood since the 1950s, Eastwood is clearly an example of an actor who directs. And while we've tried to limit this list to directors who act, his inclusion here is for a couple of reasons:

1. Clint made his directorial debut in 1971, and has directed 32 features since then.

2. Of Clint's 10 Oscar nominations, eight have been for his work behind the camera.

3. It's for the films that he has directed himself that Clint has received the most acclaim for his acting (see Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby). In fact, Clint's only recognition as an actor by The Academy has been for his own directorial efforts.

The moral of the story? Clint should only appear in the films he directs.