Megan Draper, you in danger, girl. That is, if there is any truth to this absolutely-insane-but-still-amazingly-intricate plot theory which, of course, comes to us from Reddit: Is Megan Draper doomed to suffer the same fate as actress Sharon Tate, who was murdered in her Los Angeles home in 1969?

The suggestion was initially sparked by a Twitter conversation about a picture of actress Jessica Paré as Megan wearing a shirt similar to one Tate donned in a 1967 Esquire Magazine photoshoot. Exhibit A:


The Twitter conversation took place between the daughter of the photographer who took the Tate photo, and the costume designer for Mad Men, Janie Bryant. Exhibit B:

So, it's no coincidence she was wearing the same shirt - already a good piece of evidence that Megan should run, but not enough to suggest that she may be murdered by the end of the season. There is a little more though: That amazing season six poster which was released before the premiere of this season was said to contain many key plot hints, and we still haven't found out why there would be tons of police cars in the background - not to mention depictions of Don Draper (Jon Hamm) both walking to and from a supposed crime scene. Exhibit C:

Additionally, last week's episode included a break-in in Don's apartment, and the scene that had Megan Draper on the balcony featured police sirens wailing in the background that were just too loud to ignore. Another indicator, as Uproxx points out: 1968 was about the time that crime in NYC began to rise.

Too much to ignore, or is this theory reaching a bit too far? With any other show, we'd be inclined to say the latter, but Mad Men's just the type of series to employ this sort of intricate, subtle, genius foreshadowing, so there may be some truth to this. Sorry, Megan Draper...

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