It's totally normal that Ida Burd and her son, Jimmy, run a sex shop together. Totally normal. Burd has owned A&J Lingerie and More since 1968, but the shop closed briefly in 2001 because, as she explained, "women just don’t wear nice dresses anymore." Trashy clothes over everything. Sex sells, so mother and son reinvented the store as sex shop. "I thought, in hard times, what always sells? Drugs, alcohol and sex," Jimmy Burd said, and boy was he right.

Jimmy Burd doesn't sling vibrators right next to his mother, though; Ida Burd sells lingerie and costumes out of the store's front room, while Jimmy operates out of the freaky back room. The place is pretty popular and proves that a mother and son can sell sex toys without things getting weird.

[via Gothamist]