What could possibly make a moment like your mother catching you in bed with someone post-coital even more awkward? We'll let the trailer for Kristen Wiig's new film, Girl Most Likely, take this one: If that "someone" happens to be one of the kids from Glee, and your mother, who happens to look exactly like Annette Bening, proceeds to thank them afterwards. Yeah, that'd definitely do it.

There's not much to say about this new trailer expect that it's, once again, Wiig at her very best: Though Girl Most Likely wasn't written by Wiig, the charm she managed to effortlessly exude in Bridesmaids clearly carries over to her role as the troubled Imogene, a playwright whose career falls off after she has a mental breakdown and fakes a suicide attempt. After a brief stint in the hospital, Imogene is released into the care of a "loved one" - in this case, her estranged, gambling-addict mother (Bening), who's living in New Jersey. Matt Dillon also stars as her mother's compulsive liar boyfriend, and Darren Criss as the aforementioned Glee kid. 

You can check out the amazing trailer above. Girl Most Likely is set to open in select theaters on July 19th.

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[via Deadline]