Stoners and pork lovers adore William von Schneidau. That's because the owner of Seattle's BB Ranch Meats has joined forces with local marijuana grower Top Shelf Organic to raise pigs"pot pigs"that were fed marijuana plants. The pigs then become weed-infused bacon, a treat every pork-eating pothead will love. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

"It just got so popular we ran out of meat," von Schneidau said. Keep in mind that while the marijuana does make the bacon taste better, it won't make you touch the sky. Von Schneidau says he couldn't "feel a damn difference" after eating it. 

Remember when Curren$y talked about "some of the good things that weed can do" on "Breakfast"? This is one of them. Also, can we just make note of Gawker's hilarious tweet about this? What will those "butches" think of next?

[via Gawker]