Children can be the most cruel human beings to exist. They call names, get physically abusive and in all honestly, be grade-A jerks. What makes some kids even worse, is having an adult fill their minds with racist philosophies and unleashing them on Xbox Live with a headset. This takes the usual sadism of childhood bullying of to new lows. Day or night, children logged into the Xbox community will fill your ears with some of the most vile and disgusting things imaginable. 

The kids documented on this list of 25 Videos Of Kids Making Racist Remarks While Playing Video Games will offend you. Let it be known now that anyone sensitive to the N-word being used, anti-semitism and homophobia should be forewarned. These kids will either make you shutdown your computer or try to find them and shake their bad asses like a James Bond drink. Read on and try to contain your anger at the absolute absurdity.

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