Neighborhood: NoHo
Address: 288 Elizabeth St. (between Prince St & Houston St)
Type of douche: The media douche who thinks he works in tech, the tech douche who thinks he works in media

When your bar is profiled for attracting people of a certain profession, and it isn't specifically geographically connected to that profession in some way, you know you've got something special (i.e. terrible) on your hands. When your bar is profiled with the headline "Where Everyone Knows Your Twitter Handle," just shut the thing down. Who knows why the nerds picked this place to go? Because the thing is, Tom & Jerry's isn't a bad bar, by any means. It's a great place to drink when it's not too crowded. The bar kibble is pretty decent, and it comes by the scoopful. The drinks aren't overpriced. But, dear lord, unless you work in media or start-ups, stay away from the after-work crowd here. It's an ever-insufferable mix of editors, the writers they're trying to poach, the aspirant young things trying to become those writers, and the start-up people whose asses those editors are kissing so they can leave the media hustle once and for all and finally attempt to make some serious scratch so they will (hopefully) never have to drink at Tom & Jerry's again. Thing is, none of them ever do. Also, they filmed a scene from Girls here, so you can do yourself a double-favor by skipping this place and avoiding that whole weird subset of fetish tourists, too.