Neighborhood: Astoria
Address: 35-33 36th St., Astoria
Type of douche: The aggro Mets fan douche

Despite their fine qualities, beer gardens are one of the world's most powerful magnets for douches, drawing them from far and wide with the promise of comically enormous beers and the opportunity to wear a tanktop at the bar. While Queens' historic Bohemian Beer certainly calls out like a siren to the bros of the five boroughs, Studio Square has added some modern touches to the biergarten formula: massive screens blaring the baseball game, and events with celebrity chefs like David Burke that make bros feel even more at home, and thus act even more bro'd out than usual. Watching these clowns work the picnic tables on a sticky summer Saturday is like watching speed-dating in the Bronx Zoo. It's a testament to how starved we are for outdoor space in NYC that we'll happily suffer this buffoonery just so we can drink beer in the sun, across the way from a dude in a TapouT chugging a liter of Dos Equis.