Neighborhood: Midtown West
Address: 25 West 51st St.
Type of douche: The shameless douche

Johnny Utah's is a place where yuppies go to make bad decisions, bad decisions outside the realm of "I think I'll wear another striped shirt today." The bar provides the fuel to make such mistakes: $3 dollar beer cans, $4 SoCo Lime Shots, and $6 mixed drinks. Once alive with cheap booze, young ("It's my first job; I get to wear my dad's suit now!") professionals crowd around a fenced-in mechanical bull, hoping to catch a glimpse of a sorority-girl-turned-socialite who is intoxicated enough to think that bra-only bull riding is best. We're not saying you don't want to see such a thing, but we are saying you don't want to drink with other men who do, to a washed-up top-40 soundtrack, guzzling bottom shelf liquor with guys in off-the-rack suits. We hope we're assuming correctly.