Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Address: 600 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn
Type of douche: Drunk hipsters too cheap to buy their own food 

The prospect of free pizza with any drink you order at a bar is an incredible one—in theory. Putting said bar next to the subway in the most highly-populated, tourist- and youth-driven neighborhood in Brooklyn is another prospect entirely. The only people present at Alligator Lounge are inevitably the brokest, douchiest folks in an area already swamped with those types. Throw in a couple pool tables, a karaoke room, and Skee-ball, and you also have every bro within a ten-mile radius at this bar. Maybe someday, a wood-fired pizza and a beer will be offered at a venue that's not full of tipsy sorority girls and broke Williamsburg wanna-be's. We'll be patiently waiting.