Cause Of Death: Prolonged Malnutrition
Game/console Responsible: Prius Online

Sorry, South Korea, you're starting this list strong.

In 2010, a married couple that had recently given birth to premature infant—a taboo in South Korean culture—grew hopelessly depressed. After losing their jobs and being shunned by society, they turned to the Internet for succor (never a good place to look for that). They would routinely spend 12 hours at a stretch a local Internet cafe playing an online Sim called Prius Online.

The bizarre bit was that they were actually raising a virtual baby online. Investing so much time in their digital offspring, the parents completely forgot about their actual, living baby that it eventually died from prolonged malnutrition. Bizarre, creepy, and just plain F-ed up. We're gonna go call our parents and maybe have some ice cream.