Some people don't play around when it comes to chicken. However, a father and son in Memphis, TN took their love of the bird entirely too far. Antonius Hart, Sr. and Antonius Hart, Jr. were arrested after terrorizing employees at Pirtle’s Chicken with an AK-47 because they didn't get all of the chicken wings they ordered. 

The Harts had already left the restaurant before realizing they hadn't received their complete order. They returned with a vengeance—and an AK-47. Apparently, the cashier's offer of replacing the chicken wasn't satisfying; the Hart's wanted more chicken because they were inconvenienced by having to return to the store. When weapon's are involved, the customer is always wrong.

A co-worker who saw Hart, Sr. holding the gun called police, who arrested the men. The 45-year-old Hart, Sr.  was charged with aggravated assault, while his 19-year-old son was charged for facilitating a felony. The gun was recovered, and let's just say the Hart's meant business: 24 rounds of live ammunition were recovered along with the weapon. 

 Is chicken that you never even got to eat worth going to jail over?

[via The Huffington Post]

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