Nutso conspiracies about the Boston Marathon bombing are running rampant on the Internet, and Gawker has rounded up just a few of them. Take a look and let us know if you've seen these online: 

The Roof Guy Thanks to a blurry snapshot taken by Dan Lampariello, now everyone thinks a random guy walking the roof orchestrated the terror. We've seen it reported in genuine news outlets, including Yahoo! and YourAnonNews. And clearly, it is all over Twitter. 

The Government Did It This one is just sick. One conspiracy holds that Uncle Sam planted "crisis actors" around the event to pretend to be casualties—just like Sandy Hook. People are spreading the rumor on Facebook and Twitter. 

Family Guy, Fortune Teller Apparently some people think Family Guy predicted the bombing in an episode from last month. Only took them 12 hours to come up with that one.

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[via Gawker]